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Does it matter what time I eat dinner?
-Sally from New York

Dear Sally,
That is a very good question!  Some Physicians say that you should eat your
last meal or snack no later than 6 p.m.  That gives your stomach time to
digest your food before you go to bed at around 9 or 10 p.m.  This should
help with symptoms of acid reflux.  If this doesn't work try eating your last
meal or snack even earlier, maybe 5 p.m.

Good Luck from all your friends at SensitiveTummies.com!
Sometimes I feel sick after I drink red juice.  Is that normal?
-Maria from Minneapolis

Dear Maria,
You are very observant!  Many people suffering from reflux
experience increased symptoms after eating red food dye.  Be
careful when eating jello, jelly, drinks, or candy.  Sometimes
there is red food dye in orange and pink foods as well.  Thanks
for the great question!

Good Luck from all your friends at SensitiveTummies.com.  
I'm going to a wedding this weekend and my mom says there will be nothing
I can eat at the reception.  What should I do?
-José Albuquerque

Dear José,
Don't let your GERD or IBS ruin your fun!  Bring special food along with
you or talk to your server about ordering a different dish and putting the
tab on your family, not the bride or groom.  Then you can enjoy the
company of the dinner without being sick later on.  If you follow the diet
during dinner, odds are when it comes time to dance you'll be out there
having a great time!

Good Luck from your friends at SensitiveTummies.com!
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