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About All That I Can Stomach
We've got the Word on GERD and We'll help you get
past Gas!  I write with a high school girl's perspective
on GERD and IBS. I have suffered from these problems
for probably all of my life and have been diagnosed for
the past six years.  I try to make people view their
problems in a more light-hearted way and more easily
adjust to their illness.

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A Mother's Blog
Gastro Mama is written by our mother who has taken care of and
raised a child with GERD and IBS.  She wants to and reach parents
familiar with and new to the gastro world.  She writes about diet,
every day challenges, and how to deal with the emotional and
psychological challenges of raising a child with chronic illness.  She
is an experienced mother with five kids who tackles other subjects
that affect parents raising children today.
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