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Reading books is a great way to pass the time when you're
not feeling well!  Read these books and see if you like them!
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You and Me, Baby

Lynn Reise & Penny Gentiew

   Here’s a great book for the two and under crowd. It makes
a great present for little brothers and sisters, moms and dads.
You and Me, Baby is a picture packed board book that fits in little ones’ hands
just right. There are lots of pictures of moms and dads interacting with babies.
The baby in the bath photo, “Ooooh, baby! Look at you, splashing me, splashing
you.” says it all. The next time you need to get a present for the baby in your life
- grab You and Me, Baby off the bookstore shelf - you’ll be a hit!
The Belly Book

Joe Harris

Random House $8.99
This is a perfect book for any kid who likes bellies. It is even
better for kids who are just learning to read.  And it is extra
specially great for kids who have sensitive bellies. It is bright
,colorful, and funny. It has silly pictures and great advice: “To keep them from
growling and acting rude, we should feed our bellies with lots of fresh, healthy
food . . .”  Pick up a copy; read it with a friend. There are lots of giggles to go
around in The Belly Book.   
The Digestive System
Christine Taylor-Butler

Okay, here is a great book for all those
GERD and IBS kids who deal with burps
and belches everyday. The Digestive
System by Christine Taylor-Butler (Children’s Press) is one
of those True Books with all kinds of great photographs and
pictures. It gives you great facts like: “From one end to the other the digestive
tract is about 30 feet (90 meters) long. It talks about the basic anatomay and
other fun stuff like endoscopic procedures. It is good to be informed about the
body. Next time when you go to the doctor and he starts dropping words like small
intestine and appendix - you will know exactly the what and where of his doctor
talk.  Four stars for The Digestive System. Read it and learn!