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  1. Peeps!  Everyone's favorite marshmellow chicks are sure to give any
    child a sugar rush, but these are a real treat and as long as taken in
    moderation, perfectly fine for a GERD child.
  2. Jelly Beans!  Make sure that these little guys don't trick you though.  
    Chocolate flavored, peanut butter flavored, red colored, or citrus
    flavored beans can be bad for a GERD belly.  However, the other
    flavors are a great treat.
  3. Caramel!  
  4. Avoid food all together.  Maybe give your child an inflatable beach ball
    or sandbox toys like shovels and buckets.  Head to a dollar store or
    some other place filled with cheap toys and fill the basket to the brim!
  5. Books.  Books are always a good thing to throw at kids at any time.  
    Give all your kids books, then after they have a sugar rush and crash,
    they can cuddle into your lap to finish off the day with a good book.  
    Read our book reviews now!
Happy Easter!!!
It's Easter morning and the children who just jumped into
your bed couldn't be more excited.  Still half asleep, you
stumble out of bed as your children enthusiastically scour
the house for                                         hidden baskets.  
As each child                                         finds one with
their name                                             printed neatly on
a ribbon tied                                         around the
handle, they                                           settle on the
family room floor                                   until everyone
has found their basket.  Finally the last child takes their
place on the rug and you settle into the armchair.  With
the nod of your head they all turn their baskets over and
separate their prizes from the plastic grass.  Your eyes
survey the scene and finally fall upon your child with
GERD and IBS.  You both smile.
                           Luckily, there are ways to ensure that on
                        Easter morning, any child with GERD or IBS
                        can be just as excited as anyone else.  While
                           holidays filled with hard boiled eggs and
                        chocolate bunnies may sound like a GERD and
IBS child's nightmare, there are many alternatives.  Here are some ideas.