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Commonly Recognized
Symptoms of GERD and IBS
Symptoms of GERD Include:
-Acid Regurgitation     
-Sore or Irritated Throat
-Inflamed Gums
-Pain while swallowing
-Hoarseness after waking
-Extreme amount of Saliva
-Sour Tastes
-Bad Breath
Symptoms of IBS Include:
-Continual Abdominal Pains
-Abdominal Cramps
These symptoms vary greatly        
 in location with each                    
 individual.   Typically, people       
 with IBS either have                   
 continual diarrhea, continual        
 constipation, or an alternating      
 cycle between the two.
It is estimated that 9- 23% of the
worlds population suffers from IBS.  
Experts estimate that 20% of the
America's population suffers from
GERD.   So many people have IBS or
GERD but go undiagnosed. If you
suspect you are one of those many
people you should contact a physician.  
Following a special diet and your
doctor's orders can help control the
symptoms you experience.
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