Yummies for Sensitive Tummies
Trick or Treat
And What to Eat
                                     When witches and                         
                                warlocks run wild every                     
                            child wants to be out there with            
                      them, collecting enough treats to       
               last months. But what happens
         when the GERD goblin growls
  and your little spook is haunted
by heartburn?  We can offer
some sweet solutions to avoid
tummy troubles. So on your
"Trick or Treat" night, you'll
be filled with delight.
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Trick or Treating is the best way to collect a surplus of free candy. What
kid doesn't get excited when they ring the door bell and a huge bowl of
scrumptious choices is presented to them?  What to pick?  There's the
famous favorites Recess, Milky Way, and Butterfinger, but what about a
child suffering from GERD or IBS?  In very few bowls will you find candy
to match their special diets.  So here are our ideas of how to keep your night

First of all, tell your child beforehand that even on Halloween the dietary
restrictions need to be followed.  This way, they know that if they get the
"bowl" they shouldn't pick a "pre-diagnosis favorite".  Instead, they should
choose something they can eat, like Banana Laffy Taffy or Skittles.  If they
can't eat the candy, they say 'thank you' and take it.  After all, the best
part of Halloween is trick or treating!

Once the trick or treating itself is over, it's time to dump the stash and sort
the candy.  This is the hardest time for a child with GERD.  My personal
experience tells me that it is best to trick or treat with a group and then sit
on a living room floor and trade.  Typically, a child with GERD should put
their candy into two piles: candy they can eat, and candy they can't.  Then it
is best to have an adult look over the piles and double check.

There are some very tricky treats that sometimes allude even the most
diligent IBS and GERD diet follower. What ingredients to avoid?

Well . . . Chocolate is probably the most obvious to avoid but is the hardest
when put into practice.  Most candies contain this delectable but 'deadly'
sweet.  Red food dye in itself is a challenge to avoid but don't be tricked by
this treat!  It's in red, pink, orange, and sometimes purple goodies too! A
mouth puckering favorite flavor is sour.  Unfortunately, if it hurts your
tongue it probably hurts your tummy too.  Sour foods contain citric acid that
aggravates Reflux.  Nuts are tough on you IBS so avoid any foods that
contain them.  Nuts are fatty so don't eat peanut butter either.  Any citrus
flavored candies will probably upset your GERD so avoid any flavors like
lemon, lime, and orange.  Make sure to read the labels because sometime even
the most innocent looking foods end attacking the esophageal lining.

The next advice I can give you is to
trade.  Post Trick or Treating candy
trades are part of the Halloween tradition. Think smart. And remember
chocolate can reap great rewards in the trading games. Kids love to get "3 of
a kind" of one candy.  If you see your buddy has 2 Recess and you have one
sitting in your pile. Offer to trade your Recess for his Laffy Taffy. Clever
trading can help you walk away with a heavy sack, even if your original pile
looked slight.  

One last tip . . . Remember do not stay out too late because a regular
schedule helps regulate GERD and IBS.  
Have a Happy Halloween!
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