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Once Upon a Starry Night
A Book of Constellations
Written by Jacqueline Mitton
Illustrated by Christina Balit
National Geographic
ages 9-12
pages 32

Once Upon a Starry Night is a wonderful introduction to the astronomical
myths of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Jacqueline Mitton draws the young
reader in with rich language, “Darkness creeps across the clear sky like a
velvet curtain. It’s a perfect night or telling a story . . . Look up, and what do
you see? Not just stars, but a vast picture book. The night sky is a realm of
kings and queens, gods, heroes, and mystical creatures. Look- they’re all there,
outlined by the stars. You only need a little imagination.”

This wonderful picture book proceeds to tell 10 tales from Hercules to Orion,
Cassiopeia to Andromeda, Persus to Pegasus. On each near double-page spread
illustrator Christina Balit beguiles the reader with colorful mythological
characters. Each picture is partly representational and partly abstract.
Embedded in the figures are shiny foil stars which depict the constellations.
The last two pages discuss stars, galaxies, nebulae, and constellations. The end
papers show the northern and southern skies. The 10 constellations discussed in
the book are highlighted in red on black. Once Upon a Starry Night is a great
beginning to star study.
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Written by: Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
Illustrated by: Luis V. Ray

Wow! Check out this great dinosaur book. It contains
brief and sufficient entries about 800 dinosaurs of the
Mesozoic Era. There are great chapters on dinosaur
facts like, the history of dinosaurs, dinosaur art, biology, dinosaur behavior.
This book is cool because it is organized by dinosaur group, and it shows
dinosaur evolution - the dinosaur family tree. You won’t believe Luis Ray’s
illustrations, like dozens of never- before-seen restorations of a new dinosaur
species. A beautiful colorful poster on the back of the book jacket cover is
included. So cool.  Check out Dr. Holtz’ Dinosaurs today.
Diamonds in the Shadow
by Caroline B. Cooney

 Suspense fills Jared’s house when his family takes
in 4 African refugees.  First Jared is forced to share his
bedroom, then his family, even his school and friends.
He doesn’t like the set up one bit.  And he can’t help
thinking that somebody isn’t telling the whole truth.
When his entire family seems to be convinced that the
refugees are innocent victims, Jared feels guilty for
questioning their inconsistent stories. Read Diamonds in the Shadow. You’ll find
yourself drawn into the intrigue. This is a cool read.
The All-I’ll-Ever-Want for Christmas

by Patricia C. McKissak
Jerry Pinkney

Nella is sure if she gets her Christmas Doll her heart
will never want another thing. But when she has the doll
in her arms on Christmas morning, Nella learns that there are more important
things. This is a new holiday classic about family, friendship and sharing love. Ages
6-9 40 pages  (Mostly a girls kind of story but there is a good lesson contained
inside if you can get the boys to sit and listen to it.)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas!
Anniversary Edition

by Dr. Suess

This is a great edition of How The Grinch Stole
Christmas - the wonderful Christmas classic.  
Everybody knows the story about The Grinch, whose
heart is two sized too small. He hates Whoo-ville holiday Christmas and plans
to steal all the presents to keep Christmas from coming. Of course, the
Grinch learns the best lesson of all - the true meaning of Christmas.  All ages.
96 pages. Lots of fun for everybody!
You and Me, Baby

Lynn Reise & Penny Gentiew

    Here’s a great book for the two and under crowd. It makes
a great present for little brothers and sisters, moms and dads.
You and Me, Baby is a picture packed board book that fits in little ones’ hands
just right. There are lots of pictures of moms and dads interacting with babies.
The baby in the bath photo, “Ooooh, baby! Look at you, splashing me, splashing
you.” says it all. The next time you need to get a present for the baby in your life
- grab You and Me, Baby off the bookstore shelf - you’ll be a hit!
The Belly Book

Joe Harris

Random House $8.99
This is a perfect book for any kid who
likes bellies. It is even better for kids
who are just learning to read.  And it is extra specially great
for kids who have sensitive bellies. It is bright,colorful, and funny. It has silly
pictures and great advice: “To keep them from growling and acting rude, we should
feed our bellies with lots of fresh, healthy food . . .”  Pick up a copy; read it with a
friend. There are lots of giggles to go around in The Belly Book.