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Why did St. Patrick drive all the
snakes out of Ireland?

Because he couldn't afford enough
plane tickets!
What does a leprechaun
call a happy man
wearing green?

A Jolly Green Giant
                           St. Patrick's Day is a very special            
                            Holiday for the Catholics of                     
                            Ireland. However, it has become               
                            widely celebrated by people all                
                            over the world!  What are you going         
                            to do on March 17?  Are you going to eat
corned beef and cabbage with your family or eat snake
bread?  Did you draw any silly leprechauns or shamrocks to
celebrate?  Maybe you went to a parade.  Here are some
ways that your friends at sensitivetummies.com are
celebrating St. Patrick's day.
Why should you never iron a
four leaf clover?  

Because you don't want to press
your luck!
How can you tell if
someone is jealous of the

They're green with envy.
What kind of music
does a leprechaun
band play?

Shamrock 'n' roll!
Try This
Color in the
Irish Flag!
Color in this