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Meet Stephan
A One on One Interview
How I decided I wanted to be a Stomach-
"What people don't realize is a lot of politics goes on when you're an undifferentiated cell.  
Everyone's going around saying that this organ is better that one.  Everyone makes a really
big deal out of it, so I considered my options long and hard.  Finally, I decided all the action
took place in the stomach.  I mean it gets really crazy there three or four times a day.  
Consider the alternatives.  Why would any one want to grow up and be an appendix.  I mean,
modern science hasn't even discovered the use of an appendix.  You know the only time they
even care about the appendix is when it ruptures and they have to cut it out.  I looked into
being a heart but then I was like, "You mean all I do is keep a regular beat? I just pump all
day?" You see it's not that great.  As a stomach everything changes all the time.  And when
you're a stomach everyone wants to be your friend.  I mean the liver, the spleen, the
intestines, they all want you to work faster so they're always being nice to you.  The problem
with being a brain is there are just too many demands on a brain.  Nothing but work.  
Everybody needs something-everybody has a problem.  And then all the other organs think
they can do better then the brain, saying, "If I was brain this wouldn't be happening"  or "You
know things wouldn't be so bad off if I was brain."  I mean no one gets on a stomach's case.  
Well, occasionally, the esophagus gets mad because you're making too much acid or something
like that, but nothing that big.
Someone once said to me, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," so I figured
there's got to be something there.
And besides let's face it, who wants to be a colon?"
Gender- Male
Occupation- Digestion
Hobbies- Cooking and Travel
Favorite Band- ReGERDutation
Favorite Movie- Gone with the
Favorite Song- "I Like to Move       
Favorite Color-  When you're a        
 stomach you like all colors
Favorite Dance- The Belly               
  Dance;The Turn Over
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