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What kid doesn't love to camp?  Hiking, fishing, canoing,
and swimming fill most children's summer plans.  
Unfortunately campfire
meals are not always the best
things for children on
a GERD, IBS, or Lactose
Intolerant diets.  Don't let
that spoil your fun!  In
honor of the summer season,
we've compiled a healthy weekend menu for your big
adventure!  Have a great time!
Friday After Arrival Snack-  Peel and cut up some apples.  Eat
crackers and drink sports drinks. (Make sure it doesn't have red food
dye or is not citrus flavored.  Blue works well.) Eat healthy sugar
cookies that you packed in advance like the ones on the
Yummies for
Sensitive Tummies Cookbook Sampler.

Saturday Morning Breakfast- Have bagels.  Spread jelly with no red
food dye, like peach, on your bagel.  Eat a banana on the side and
drink your favorite breakfast juice.

Saturday Afternoon Lunch- Have cold cuts that have been kept in a
cooler.  Make sure to eat a lean, white meat, such as turkey.  On the
side eat pretzels and grapes.  For a treat, have homemade, low-fat,
rice cereal treats.   

Saturday Night Dinner-
If you had a successful fishing day clean your catch and remove the
skin.  Place in a fish basket.  Hold it over the fire and flip the basket
from side to side frequently so your fish doesn't burn. Continue until
fish is cooked.  (Only do this under adult supervision.)
If you did not catch any fish try a tinfoil meal.  Lay out a piece of
tinfoil and place on it a turkey dog or 90% lean hamburger. Surround
the meat in carrots and potatoes.  Place in or on the fire.  Cooking
time varies.  Keep in mind that you must use very lean meats when you
cook it because there is no where for the fat to escape.

Saturday Night Desert- Roast marshmallows.  If you want, put them
on graham crackers for a s'more but do not eat chocolate.  Be careful
not to burn yourself.  

Sunday Morning Breakfast-  Use a camp out gas stove to make French
Toast.  Get large Texas toast.  Mix together 1 egg, 1/2 cup Lactose
Free Milk, and 1/2 cup pancake batter.  Dunk the Texas toast in the
bowl and cover thickly.  Make sure to use syrup that does not have
Good luck on your camping trip and have fun!
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