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As the summer draws to an end, school students of all ages
prepare for the school year.  The excitement of change and
the chance to make new friends fills most children's minds as
they regret the end of their care-free summer.  However,
often when children with IBS or GERD return to school they
experience strong symptoms.  For this reason, your friends
at SensitiveTummies.com have put together a list of special
tips for the transition.  Have a Great time in the new school
year and good luck!
Parents should try to meet the teacher before hand.  Explain your child's problems
clearly.  Ask she/he to allow your child to use the restroom at any time.  
Make it clear that she/he should not be questioned or delayed.  This will
save your child a lot of embarrassment and keep them from experiencing
unnecessary pains.

Pack your own lunch.  Even though your cafeteria may serve what
appears to be healthy food you do not know how it was prepared.
Lunch time meals often come from a supplier, so cafeteria workers
do not know how foods are prepared or their ingredients.

Do not get stressed or panicked about grades or friends.  As important
as they may be, stress negatively affects GI problems.  Try to be calm
while achieving all you can.

Listen to your body.  If your GI tract is in great pain take note and
change something.  

Be careful when it comes to sports.  Talk to your doctor and get his or her
okay before you go out for the team.  Do not eat right before practise
and stick to your diet.  Avoid foods that may irritate your system.

Drink lots of water.  See if your teachers will allow you to carry a water bottle at

Keep a positive attitude.  Don't let your IBS or GERD keep you from having a
successful school year.
A Good School Lunch
Have a turkey sandwich.  Honey mustard is can be a tasty condiment
for children with IBS or GERD.  Make sure to read the ingredients on
the bottle.  Add any other sides you wish.  For variety change the type
of bread. For example substitute honey wheat bread for white.  As a
fruit eat a
banana.  Banana's are easy to eat and do not require peeling
off the skin.  
Carrots serve as a great vegetable.  Baked chips are a
healthy alternative to potato chips and as the health food movement
sweeps the country more varieties are becoming available.  As a treat
sugar cookies like the ones on the Yummies for Sensitive Tummies
Cookbook Sampler.   Add sprinkles that do not have red food dye.  

Remember to eat slowly, chew well, and have fun!
Have a great school year!
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