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This cookbook was written by three sisters.  Our story started five
years ago when MC, the second of the three was diagnosed with
reflux, esophagitis, irritable bowel, and lactose intolerance.  For
months the family ate soup for two meals of the day.  Eventually they
began to learn what MC did and did not tolerate.  The cookbook is an
original work that is made up recipes that MC was able to tolerate.  
The recipes were created by trial and error. If MC got sick the
recipe was tweeked until she could tolerate it.  We wrote all of our
recipes down and now we are in the process of sharing them with
other people.  We hope they help you!
Our Mission
Our Mission is to help children who suffer from the
symptoms of IBS, GERD, and Lactose Intolerance
through education.  The kinds of foods that these
children eat directly effects how they feel.  We strive
to help these children by providing recipe suggestions
that taste good and follow their restrictions.  Following
dietary restrictions and a doctor's recommendations
should help these children feel better and take care of
Our Story
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